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AG - EV Charging

We are a company specializing in supplying power to vehicles using electric motors. With a team of experienced professionals, we are committed to providing the best quality services.

Company Introduction
AG - EV Charging

An Gia Green Energy Co., Ltd was established in 2019 with the goal of contributing to the development of green energy solutions for traffic. Here, we not only provide charging products for vehicles using electric motors, but also research and develop economical and efficient solutions for vehicles. environmentally friendly. After many years of operation, we have established An Gia Electric Charger brand with the desire to provide quality charging products for electric vehicles. We are committed to jointly building a power supply network for vehicles using electric motors. Thereby making the movement of people more convenient, and at the same time contributing to reducing emissions that affect the environment.


Become a standard unit of expertise in the field of supplying energy and equipment for the transport industry. We always aspire to become a place where the trust of customers, investors and leading partners is transferred. To achieve this, we will constantly strive and innovate to create advanced solutions that meet the needs of our customers.



We always aspire to be a pioneer in applying scientific and technological advances to the goal of “green” traffic. Therefore, we will not stop making efforts and creativity to create economical and effective solutions for vehicles, which are friendly to the environment. We always put safety first, ensuring that our solutions always meet the most demanding requirements.

Values core


We always comply with the law and ethical values in doing business, towards purity, strength and sustainable development. We not only put our trust in the laws and supervision from the outside, but also every employee of the company personally evaluate and train themselves.


Every solution, every device that we bring to the market is carefully considered for efficiency, to meet the needs of customers in the best way. We always avoid wasting our customers' resources, money and time.


Safety is the most important value that we always want to ensure for everyone around us. We make sure that the employees who work directly, the customers using our products and services, or even those involved are guaranteed to be safe when using our products.

Customers feel about us

"I am very satisfied with the service of the company AG-EV Charging. The staff is very professional, enthusiastic to support me in answering questions and advising the best solution for my business. I will continue use the company's services and recommend to my friends and partners."
Long Tran
Office staff
"The staff of AG-EV Charging is very friendly and enthusiastic, always ready to answer all customer questions and offer the best solutions. I feel the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm of the customer. company in contributing to the development of the electric car sector, and that is truly commendable."
Wind Martial
"Initially, when working with the consultant, I felt the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm from you, any questions from simple to in-depth, you answered enthusiastically. The support policy before and after using the product is transparent and clear. Therefore, the AG - EV Charging staff have received a plus point from me in terms of customer care."
Lan Ngo
"AG-EV Charging's electric car charging station products are very safe and beautiful, showing the high expertise and creative spirit of the design and construction team. I really trust and encourage everyone. use this company's products and services to contribute to a greener and more sustainable living environment."
Duy Pham
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