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AG - EV Charging

We provide a number of energy services for vehicles using electric motors, from consulting to construction – installation. Let’s learn and explore the service of AG – EV Charging.

Repair charging device​

Repair services for charging devices, including phone chargers, laptop chargers, electric bicycle chargers and other charging devices. We have a team of professional and experienced technicians to fix your charging related problems.

Construction and installation charging station​

We provide construction services and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric cars. We have a team of experienced and professional technicians to ensure that the installation of the charging station is done properly and for the safety of our customers.

Maintenance and operation charging station​​

We provide electric vehicle charging station maintenance and operation service to ensure that the charging station is always in good working order and meet the charging needs of our customers. We perform routine maintenance tasks to ensure the safety and efficiency of your charging station.


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